Environment and Community

Bluemoon Packing is committed to sustainability practises and supporting our communities.

Environmental Practices


Sustainable choices are important to Bluemoon Packing and solar is a key element of reducing our environmental impact.

The facility already boasts a 100kw solar system, with a planned expansion of the storage facility increasing this by a further 500kw of roof-top solar. This investment in solar power provides approximately 80% summer energy requirements and 40% during the winter months. Future plans to install battery storage will further maximise the use of solar energy.


A small percentage of fruit is not of a standard suitable for sale. Rather than sending to landfill, that fruit is diverted for juicing or, where not at juicing grade, used as animal feed.

The introduction of our more sophisticated grading equipment has allowed Bluemoon Packing to significantly decrease our wastage rates. Traditionally, fruit grading has been visually undertaken, and some defects were not visible to the naked eye. Sampling undertaken determines the probability that significant numbers of defective fruit are not being supplied to customers, in some instances seeing the dumping of large quantities of fruit where it has not been possible to say with confidence they are of a satisfactory standard.

With Bluemoon Packing’s new high-tech grading solutions, we can identify internal defects with an exceedingly high degree of success. As a result, we have been able to vastly reduce our wastage rates as we can confidently grade fruit knowing that our advanced grading equipment will identify virtually all internal defects.

We Value


Initiatives include:

  • The Collins family operate a modern state-of-the-art commercial orchard in Pemberton and are recognised as one of the most high-quality growers in the state, committed to innovation and industry advancements.
  • Mario Casotti (Casotti Group CEO) supports achievement of the strategic goals of Fruit West Co-Operative as Director; and is actively engaged with the Agricultural Produce Commission as a member of their Pome, Citrus and Stone Fruit Producer’s Committee.
  • Working with Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to highlight industry best practice and support the resilience of our region.
  • Conducting factory tours for agricultural colleges and local schools, providing a valuable opportunity for students to learn about technology, supply chains and fresh produce management.
  • Suppling local schools and community organisations with fruit, helping to ensure our next generation have access to a variety of fruit and continue to learn about healthy food choices.


The largest and most sophisticated fruit packing facilities in Western Australia.

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